Video Strategies for Newsrooms to Grow Audience

Presenter: Val Hoeppner Val Hoeppner Media and Consulting, LLC Video offers your audience a front row seat to history, a chance to feel as if they are intimately connected and an opportunity to deeply understand an issue. This session will help you decide what video strategy to adopt, what technology to use and how your […]

Build your graduation pages (and more) automatically using InDesign

There is a well-hidden feature in InDesign called "Data Merge". This is not new. In fact, PageMaker had it and it's gotten better. No matter what version of InDesign you are using, you can automate certain page building with this amazing feature. Car ads? Yes, you can get the images and the text on the […]

Using good old Photoshop in new ways

Old habits die hard. When it comes to working faster and getting results, it's time to try to break the old production habits and learn new ways. Photoshop has so many improvements that we are often surprised by how to rethink the way we work on photos. Russell Viers wants us to put the past […]

Newspaper Day 2022: The evolution of visual storytelling

On Thursday April 7, the AdClub of Toronto will be hosting a virtual discussion on the evolution of photojournalism and visual storytelling as part of its Newspaper Day 2022 festivities. From 1 to 2:30 pm ET, panelists will be discussing how visual storytelling and photojournalism have changed the paradigm of content for Canadians, and how technology has […]


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