LMA: ‘Facebook Branded Content Posts: What you need to know!’

Join us for this educational webinar on the hottest new trend in digital revenue growth: branded content posts on Facebook. Local media companies around the country are directly monetizing their social media pages and you can too. Social News Desk Founder, and former newsroom manager, Kim Wilson will explain how Facebook’s new branded content rules […]


LMA Webinar: A Framework for Local Digital Media Sales

Local merchants need help applying digital marketing tools to meet their business goals, but many are confused and receive conflicting information from sales people.  This webinar will provide a logical framework to assess the local client’s needs, and provide recommendations that fit the needs of local merchants in conjunction with their traditional media expenditures. Presenter: […]


Online Media Campus: Communicating and Collaborating Across Generations

Does your workplace look like your last family picnic? Does your customer and co-worker look and act different than 10 years ago? Do you experience challenges working with others from different generations? If you answered yes to these questions, then this practical, real-life situational seminar is for you! With the country’s changing demographics – the […]


LMA Webinar: Video Success: What comes after the hard part?

You’ve done the hard part – creating and serving video content to local audiences – now what? Join Calkins Chief Digital Officer Guy Tasaka to review strategy signals for distribution of your video content and how to succeed down the path to monetization. We’ll talk OTT, linear streaming and field questions and input on this […]


Online Media Campus: Digital Projects: Starting From Scratch

Got an idea you think might make a great digital project, but you’re not sure how to execute it? Nick Dumont of the Gaston (N.C.) Gazette walks you through the planning process of a digital project. Dumont first grabbed the attention of the media world with his Hops Street project, and has since helped a […]


LMA Webinar: Giving the Perfect Dealer Presentation

Selling digital to automotive dealers has changed dramatically over the past few years. This webinar will outline the components and the sales process for an effective presentation to automotive dealers. We’ll outline how to tailor a presentation, describe a how-to take control approach and discuss process flow. Presenter: James Lawyer, CEO, AutoAdvertising Pro Newspapers Canada members […]


Inland Press Webinar: WRITING PROPOSALS: Unfortunately, Miss Loffbomb Was Right

Many of us entered sales thinking we wouldn't have to write much or well. But if you want big money, nothing could be further from the truth. This webinar explores the elements of great proposals that make closing easier--and it'll warn of the dangers of F7. Known for his highly entertaining presentations, Mark Levy will […]


Inland Press Webinar: MAKING PRESENTATIONS: Let’s Be In-dee-pen-dent Together

Great presentations are the mental meeting places of the world, but they're no place for the "Spotlight on Me Show." Getting your client involved will improve your chances to close the business, and this webinar will show you how. This entertaining webinar will cover the elements of a great presentation: The set up The three […]

Google News webinar

This course teaches skills every journalist needs for reporting in the digital age. You will learn a broad range of practical tools that you can use immediately from better understanding how Search works, to leveraging Google Trends to discover keywords to guide your editorial strategy, to Google Alerts, Scholar, Data Explorer, Data Set Search and […]


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