Canadians view newspaper websites as most prestigious media

Canadians consider daily newspaper websites to be the “most prestigious” media environment, according to a new consumer research study. The Context Matters Consumer Study – conducted by Rogers Insights in partnership with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Marketing magazine and Globe Media Group – was designed to understand and evaluate the importance of premium media environments for advertisers.

Survey respondents were asked to define and rank various media sources, including newspaper and magazine websites, social media, online resellers, YouTube and aggregation sites. Almost half (43%) of Canadians consider major daily newspaper websites to be the "most prestigious" media environment, significantly outranking national magazine websites (11%) and online native news websites such as Buzzfeed (9%).

Almost 80% of respondents selected "trusted source of information" as the top characteristic for determining a website’s level of prestige and respectability. A good design (76%), ability to hold readers’ interest (68%), make you feel informed (64%) and provided unbiased information (64%) were also identified as important factors in making a web experience feel more prestigious.

The Context Matters Consumer Study is based on an online questionnaire of 4,003 Canadian consumers 18 years and older between April 20 and May 2, 2016.