Mixed Bag Exchange

In a continuing effort to provide its members with an opportunity to learn from their peers and improve the quality of their own publications, the Canadian Community Newspapers Association coordinates a newspaper exchange program known as the "Mixed Bag". Participants in the program receive at least two community newspapers from across Canada every week. In turn, each participant sends one copy of their newspaper once a year to all other participants, using labels provided by CCNA.

Click here to download the Mixed Bag application form (PDF - 48k)

Winners of the Best All Round Newspaper in the General Excellence category at the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards are automatically placed in the program, with the hope that other newspapers may get some benefit from studying a newspaper judged to be best in its circulation category.

Currently, there are approximately 170 CCNA member newspapers participating in the program. Non-member participants include journalism departments at Canadian colleges and universities, and individuals who have an interest in the community newspaper industry. Annual fees for the Mixed Bag are $50 plus HST for CCNA members or $80 plus HST for non-members.

Contact Newspapers Canada to learn more about this valuable educational tool.

For more information, contact Winnie Legaspi at wlegaspi@newspaperscanada.ca.