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Academic Research

  • Canadian Media Concentration Research Project – Carleton University School of Journalism
    • The Canadian Media Concentration Research Project offers an independent academic, empirical and data-driven analysis of a deceptively simple yet profoundly important question: have telecom, media and internet markets become more concentrated over time, or less?
  • Canadian Worlds of Journalism Project
    • The Canadian Worlds of Journalism Study is one of 67 country studies in the global project, in which over 27,500 journalists were interviewed using a common questionnaire and methodological framework between 2012 and 2016. The questionnaire elicited views of journalists on journalism’s place in society, journalists’ ethics and autonomy, influences on news-making, journalistic trust in public institutions, and transformations of journalism.
  • Centre d’études sur les médias (Centre for Media Studies) – Laval University, UQAM Media School, University of Montreal
    • Founded in 1992, the Centre for Media Studies pursues two objectives: foster the development and organization of media research; and provide industry professionals with adequate insight into the problems they face and the national and international contexts in which they operate, with a view to improving their economic, social and cultural performance. The Centre is interested in the economy and the audiences of both new and traditional media. Many of our activities also concern public policy and the development of journalism.
  • Local News Research Project
    • The Local News Research Project combines content analysis and digital mapping to explore issues related to local news. The project’s news poverty research examines local coverage in Canadian communities at a time when print and broadcast outlets are scaling back, consolidating or closing, and many online news sites are struggling to stay afloat. Includes The Local News Map and other interactive maps.

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