Canada's Newspaper Industry in 2020

In 2020, the newspaper industry as a whole (daily and community) circulated almost 34 million copies each week. 35% of newspaper circulation is paid and 65% is free (controlled). Almost one-third of newspapers publish in broadsheet format (30%) and approximately two-thirds publish in tabloid format (67%).

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Daily Newspapers

In 2020, Canada’s daily newspaper circulation (paid and free) stands at 19.6 million copies over the course of a week. 58% of daily newspaper circulation is paid and 42% is free (controlled).

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Community Newspapers

In 2020, there are 974 community newspapers in Canada and 1,028 editions. Community newspapers publish 14.3 million copies each week and the majority of circulation is free (controlled), accounting for almost 14 million copies weekly. Community newspapers publish in primarily broadsheet and tabloid formats, although 84% of all editions are tabloids.

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