Big Words

This ad campaign celebrates the power of words and the people behind the local press. 

Developed as part of the 2022 National Newspaper Week program, this campaign celebrates local champions who use the power of their words to keep their communities connected and informed.

These ads encourage readers to download a new custom font (Champions) to show their support for the Canadian newspaper industry.

Designed with both print and digital platforms in mind the Champions font honours newspapers’ history while looking forward to a bright and multi-platformed future. Inspired by the essential service that newspapers provide, the Champions font highlights the power of words and the people behind the newspapers who use them to communicate essential information to Canadians each and every day.

Champions is a geo-humanist font that incorporates both humanistic traits — which mimic hand motions reflecting the craft and artistry that goes into producing credible news each day — and highly geometric shapes — which represent the structure and rigour of fact-checking, editing, and producing high-quality credible content newspapers are known for.

News Media Canada has produced this ad campaign for publishers to use throughout the year.  Feel free to run the ads as often as you wish.

Click on the DOWNLOAD buttons below to access print, digital and social material. To create a custom size or add your own logo, download the source files.

Download print PDFs or source files (InDesign) for all sizes (10″x15″, 10″x7″, 10″x3″, 5″x5″).

Use source files to custom size to your specs or add your own logo.

Download small space/filler ads in the following sizes: 2×10, 2×15, 3×60, 4×10, 4×15, 4×40.

Download digital material (.gif and Photoshop) for the following formats: Big Box (300×250), Billboard (970×250), Leaderboard (728×90), Mobile (300×50), and Tall Block (300×600).  Link to

#ChampionsoftheTruth #Champions

Download images sized for Facebook and Instagram.  Celebrate and showcase your own local champions and promote your publication in the caption.

Don’t forget to include the URL and tag @NewsMediaCanada.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Levson, Director of Marketing and Research at

Government of Canada