Flyers and Inserts

Flyers and inserts continue to deliver value for Canadians.

Despite the option of accessing flyers in print or digital formats consumers continue to prefer receiving flyers at their door, in the mail, or in their community newspaper. Data has shown on multiple occasions that consumers want the printed flyer. In fact, 9 in 10 flyer readers prefer them in print! Digital flyers remain an excellent way to extend printed flyer reach (there is a 74% overlap in reading in both print and digital). (Totum Research, Engaged and Connected; 2019)Click here to download the 2020 Fact Sheet.

Why do consumers value and continue to read flyers?

  • Flyers help consumers save money.
  • 88% of Canadians feel proud to get great value for their money.
  • Consumers rely on flyers to find deals and inspiration.

Metroland Media, A Consumer’s Path to Saving – The Role of Flyers in Today’s Digital World; 2017

Between 2011 to 2015, the Flyer Distribution Standards Association (FDSA) conducted research to understand Canadians’ relationship with flyers and to identify and examine consumer engagement with various types of flyers and direct-to-consumer media.

With the increased demand of mobile and other technology in the consumers’ hands, retail marketers expanded the reach to consumers with multi-channel marketing messages. FDSA research explored how this impacted the use of traditional marketing and specifically the use of flyers in the marketing mix.  The research also examined whether consumers were moving away from the physical flyer in favour of other digital communication methods. The Flyer Distribution Standards Association explored consumer engagement with the retail flyer through research in partnership with News Media Canada (formerly Newspapers Canada).

Category specific data was collected in each of the three Consumer Engagement Studies. Top-line public data is featured below.

Flyer Research in Canada (click headings to download presentations)

Fact Sheet: Printed Flyers Work [2020] 

  • An overview of the flyer industry research in 2020, with an emphasis on the importance of printed flyers, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
    * French version available here*

FDSA Consumer Engagement Study – RAC Symposium [2015]

  • A summary of all flyer data with sample data for two categories (Grocery, Appliances/Furniture/ Home Furnishings).

FDSA Consumer Engagement Study [2015]

  • A top line summary of results from the 2015 Consumer Engagement Study featuring Flyer Usage before Shopping by category.

FDSA Consumer Engagement Study – AGM [2014]

  • A snapshot of results from the 2014 Consumer Engagement Study featuring Thoroughness of Reading Flyers by category.

Canadians Read Flyers [2013]

  • A top-line summary of results from the first Consumer Engagement Study in 2013 featuring Path to Purchase by category.

Flyers Work [2011]

  • An overview of the flyer industry and available research in 2011.