Newspaper Revenue

News Media Canada collects and reports on revenue data for the daily and community newspaper industries. Top line data provides a high-level view of newspaper industry revenues. Data is provided annually for inclusion in the industry report on Net Advertising Volumes.

In 2017, total advertising spending from major reported media accounted for $13.6 billion. Internet advertising continues to climb, placing it in the top ranked media position. Once again, the top three advertising media in 2017 are Internet ($6.8 billion), Television ($3.2 billion) and Newspapers ($1.8 billion). Full details and trending can be viewed in the 2017 report below.

Daily Newspapers

In 2017, daily newspapers reported $1billion in advertising revenue. Print advertising revenue represents the majority at $749 million and the balance is online revenue ($235 million) and mobile revenue ($16 million).

Community Newspapers

In 2017, total advertising revenue for community newspapers was $776 million. Print advertising accounts for the majority of revenue (94%) while online advertising represents 6% at $45 million.

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