Did you know that almost nine in ten Canadians read a community or daily newspaper every week? Or that Canadians tend to give newspapers their full attention when reading, while with other types of media they may be more likely to multi-task?

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Almost nine in ten Canadians read a newspaper each week.

Access to digital platforms has only increased access to news content.  More Canadians than ever are reading in print or digital formats.

Readers choose multiple platforms to read newspaper content.

More than eight out of ten print readers also read in digital formats and seven out of ten digital readers are also reading the printed newspaper.

Daily newspapers reach 3 in 5 adults across Canada weekly.

The highest weekly print/digital reach is in Quebec City (82%), Montreal (75%) and London (74%).

Young Adults read newspapers differently than older adults.

Eight out of ten Millennials (79%) use their phone to read news and keep up with current events.  And almost half of them also read printed newspapers.

Reliable journalism is essential.

Eight out of ten Canadians (82%) feel that reliable journalism is an essential part of a democratic society and are concerned about the repercussions of fake news and it being used as a weapon.

Local information is the main reason for reading community newspapers.

Nine in ten (89%) readers read for local information including local news, editorial, sports, entertainment, events, crime features and obituaries.  Advertising is the second most popular reason for reading and half of print readers are reading for advertising that includes ROP and flyers.

Almost half of print community newspapers readers read for flyers.

And eight in ten (77%) community newspaper readers use flyers to plan grocery purchases.

News media ads inspire action.

After being exposed to a news media ad, more than half (57%) of Canadians went online for more information about a product or service.

When reading a newspaper, Canadians give it full attention.

Printed newspapers score 102% above average for engagement, the highest of all media measured.  Engagement may be fractured with other media like television, radio, magazines, search and social media.  In fact, social media scored 15% below average for media engagement.

Newspapers are an essential service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear to Canadians that they rely on news media.  A third of Canadians have started reading newspapers in print or digital formats and more than four in ten plan to continue reading newspapers post-pandemic.

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