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Government Funding Programs and Tax Credits

In 2018 and 2019, the Government of Canada announced a series of new measures to provide financial assistance to the news media industry. These measures are in addition to the longstanding Canada Periodical Fund.

Current funding options include the following:

Canada Periodical Fund

  • Financial assistance program available to Canadian print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals. The CPF has three components: Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, and Collective Initiatives.

Local Journalism Initiative

  • A five-year program available to eligible Canadian media organizations to hire journalists or pay freelance journalists to produce civic journalism for underserved communities.

Journalism Labour Tax Credit

  • A 25-per-cent refundable tax credit for journalism organizations on salary or wages paid to eligible newsroom employees.

Qualified Donee Status

  • Access to charitable tax incentives for not-for-profit journalism.

Personal Income Tax Credit for Digital Subscriptions

  • A temporary, non-refundable 15-per-cent tax credit available to individual subscribers on amounts paid for eligible subscriptions to Canadian digital news.

For more information on any of these programs, please click a tile below or contact Paul Deegan, President and CEO, at pdeegan@newsmediacanada.ca.

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