2018 National Newspaper Week in Canada

Newspapers Matter
October 1-7, 2018

Newspaper journalism - both local and national - is critically important, especially in the reality in which we live. Now, more than ever, news media needs support.

This year in Canada we will celebrate National Newspaper Week from Monday October 1 to Sunday October 7, 2018.

News Media Canada wants to help newspapers across the country celebrate news media and journalism and ask Canadians to show their support.  News Media Canada is encouraging publishers to celebrate National Newspaper Week locally, in their own markets, while also participating in a nation-wide advertising campaign in newspaper pages and websites across the country.

In the coming weeks look for communication from us that will provide you with thought starters and a community toolkit including ideas on how to bring this campaign to life in your own market through local events or in the editorial content of your paper, in print and digital.

We are also looking for publishers to invest in their own industry with a full page, four colour ad donation during the week of October 1-7, 2018.  All ad material will be provided at no charge.

During National Newspaper Week 2018, together we will ask Canadians to show their support for the Canadian news media industry. Let’s work together to send a national message - to Canadian business, to government, and to newspaper journalists across Canada - that news media matters. Now more than ever!

Contact Kelly Levson at klevson@newsmediacanada.ca with any questions.

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