Local Influencers: Target and Engage Your Supporters

In addition to using our own voices to raise awareness of National Newspaper Week, we are hoping to get other notable Canadians to share their passion for their local newspapers through their own social media channels. You can help by reaching out to notable local people in your community to get involved.

The goal is to have high-profile local personalities post an image of themselves reading their local newspaper (either in print format or on a tablet or their phone) with a caption that reinforces why newspapers matter—now more than ever—and that drives their followers to newspapersmatter.ca to pledge their support.

Here’s how you can engage local influencers in your community:

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of well-known people in your local community that you would like to show their support for National Newspaper Week, and for their local newspaper (i.e. you!). Think about local politicians, church leaders, athletes, well-known writers, business leaders or other high-profile personalities.
  2. Use your local networks to track down their contact information, and reach out to them by email.  If you need help writing the email reach out to Kelly at klevson@newsmediacanada.ca for some copy ideas.
  3. If they’re interested, talk to them about where they could post this photo (Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?), when they would like to post (between October 1 and 7) and whether they need a copy of the paper from you for the photo. You can also provide them with some sample post copy:
    • I’ve been reading [insert name of paper] since I was a kid. It’s where I learn about what’s happening in my hometown—no matter where I am around the world. And I know that I can trust what I read in these pages. That’s why this #nationalnewspaperweek, I’m sending my local paper some love. And you should, too. Go to newspapersmatter.ca to show support for the important work of newspapers across Canada. Because newspapers matter. #nowmorethanever 
  4. Remember: Be sure to take a screen grab of the post when it goes live and send it in to us at nnw@newsmediacanada.ca or upload using the NNW Upload page here.
  5. Once you see their post, don’t forget to reach out again and thank them for their support.


National Newspaper Week