OP-ED: Proud local businesses are the heart of all communities


Lorna Hamilton, Vermilion Voice

Over 14 years ago, the Vermilion Voice published its first publication with the intention to provide factual, up-to-date local and area news. Without the support of the local and area businesses that advertise in our paper, the Vermilion Voice would not exist today and it would not be able to fulfill its dream.

Proud local businesses are the heart of all communities; without them the economy would slowly disappear and ghost towns would form all over our great nation! Can you imagine Vermilion without the businesses we have at our fingertips? It would be difficult to stay and have to drive 45 minutes each time you need an item. Can you imagine what it would be like without the support from our local businesses for sports teams and community events? They would be nonexistent as many local events rely heavily on business sponsorship! Local businesses bring communities together socially and economically. Without local business, the unemployment rate would be greater and residents would have to either move from the area or travel to work every day.

Shopping locally is a win-win for every­one involved! It keeps the economy vibrant and the community news being reported on a local level.

Local businesses often support community events and athletics by using a portion of their advertising budget to promote others and inform the commu­nity. It is important to support not only your local businesses, but also your local community newspaper. The newspaper is one of the businesses that supports local youth groups and community events. It is also the heart of any community as it keeps people connected and informed.

Local Matters!! Together we can boost our local economies by supporting the local businesses that support the local newspaper.

Lorna Hamilton is the editor of the Vermilion Voice in Alberta.


Column by:

Lorna Hamilton, Editor
Vermilion Voice
Vermilion, AB