What happens when you don’t advertise?

Industry Ad Campaign: What happens when you don’t advertise?

Promote the importance of running quality advertising in newspapers and newspaper media by running the ads below. They are available in a variety of sizes for print and digital.

Click the preview images below to view and download the artwork.

If you have any  questions, please contact Kelly Levson, Director of Marketing and Research, at klevson@newsmediacanada.ca.

Print Banner 3″ x 10″


Print 5” x 5”



Half Page 7″ x 10″



Small filler ads are available upon request. To receive copies, please contact Brent Jolly at: bjolly@newsmediacanada.ca for sizes, including:

0.883″ x 5.357″

1.933″ x 1.786″

1.933″ x 3.571″

1.933″ x 7.143″