Newspapers and news media are an essential service connecting communities across the country. News media play a critical role in our democracy, providing Canadians with trusted, credible information.


Newspapers 24/7: 2023

Every week almost 30 million newspapers are delivered across the country.  Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspaper content each week and trust the content they read, in print and digital formats. Newspapers in print and in digital are an effective advertising medium, no matter who you’re trying to reach. You want to reach those younger generations? They’re reading newspapers. You want to reach the older generations? They’ve always read newspapers. Newspapers deserve a position in the media mix.

Readership remains strong in the digital age.

Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspapers, in either print or digital format, at least once a week—essentially unchanged from the inaugural study (85%), conducted in 2012.  Despite a multitude of media options and digital distractions, readers still turn to trusted, traditional news sources.

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Did you know that almost nine in ten Canadians read newspaper content every week? Or that Canadians tend to give newspapers their full attention when reading, while with other types of media they may be more likely to multi-task?

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Don’t believe everything you read online. Fake news and disinformation online are serious concerns for Canadians.  To help Canadians of all ages critically assess online news and information, and differentiate fake news from real news, News Media Canada developed a simple media literacy tool:  SPOT Fake News Online.

Click here to watch the online video and learn how to SPOT it and STOP it in 4 simple steps.

From October 1 to 7 2023, news media publishers across Canada will celebrate National Newspaper Week 2023.

National Newspaper Week (NNW) is a chance to reflect on the essential service newspapers provide with diverse, local, original content that cannot be found anywhere else.

National Newspaper Week 2023 will celebrate the work of people behind the presses, who inform, champion and challenge our society by providing diverse, local, original content that cannot be found anywhere else.

This year, News Media Canada is launching a first-ever illustrated book entitled Champions, honouring notable people from the Canadian news media industry. Launching on October 1, 2023, at the start of National Newspaper Week, Champions will be available to purchase in hardcover format, view for free as an e-book below or download in pdf format.

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Champion The Truth with Virtual Backgrounds

News Media Canada developed a series of virtual backgrounds celebrating our 2021 Champion The Truth campaign and partnership with Canadian artist Ola Volo.   Click the images to the right to view each background and right-click to save to your device.

Choose from one of five scenes showcasing the limited-edition print “Champions” featuring three stoic, trailblazing characters representing journalists and readers, as well as Canadian landmarks.  “Champions” was inspired by conversations with industry stakeholders and celebrates the local news industry as champions of truth in Canada.

Ola is known for the strong narrative she brings to life in her work and her ability to spark conversation, bring people together, and shed light on important issues.

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