News Media Canada has created a special ‘members only’ lobby kit available on our website.

In this kit, members will find a package which contains:

  1. A checklist on how to set up your meeting
  2. A background document on the state of the industry and how the Canadian Journalism Fund came into being
  3. Frequently asked questions & answers
  4. A fact sheet that explains the Canadian Journalism Fund and how this idea came into development
  5. A briefing note that you can leave with your Member of Parliament after your meeting

Click here to access these documents (member login required).

Additional copies of these documents, as well as a library of other documents and op-eds about the Canadian Journalism Fund, can be found on our website here.

We request that you contact your local federal Member of Parliament to set up a meeting as soon as possible to discuss how they will act to help save Canadian news. We have provided a checklist with all the necessary steps to guide you through this process.

We hope you will share photos with us of your meeting with your local MP. We ask that you include @NewsMediaCanada and use the hashtag #SaveNews.