Goff Penny Awards Entry Portal

Entries for the Hon. Edward Goff Penny Memorial Prizes competition are being accepted online via this portal.

Before you begin, have the following ready for your entry:

    1. Four editorial articles published during the previous calendar year.
          • The entrant must be the sole author of an article.
          • An article consists of no more than one main story and one sidebar.
          • Each main story and sidebar must be submitted as either a website link
            (include username and password if content is behind a paywall) or a PDF containing full-page tearsheets. One PDF per main story or sidebar.
    2. Letter from the sponsoring editor, in PDF, outlining the circumstances under which the stories were obtained.

Refer to the Rules of Entry for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 416-923-3567 ext. 3221 or goffpenny@newsmediacanada.ca.


Goff Penny Awards Entry Submission Portal