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News Media Canada is pleased to provide these free-for-use opinion pieces for members to place in their own publications in print and online.


Cox: Internet giants should pay their share

This is an op-ed written by News Media Canada chair Bob Cox. It was published yesterday, April 28, by...
Box Cox, Winnipeg Free Press

When will the money flow, Mr. Trudeau?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lied to the country. That’s not an easy thing to write about the most visible authority...

OP-ED: Local business supports our local news

What did you pay to read this article today? Your answer might be nothing—and on the surface, you’re right. Whether you’re reading it in print, on a laptop or on a smartphone, there’s no cost to access our journalism. But really, you have paid for this article—through your attention.

OP-ED: Proud local businesses are the heart of all communities

Over 14 years ago, the Vermilion Voice published its first publication with the intention to provide factual, up-to-date local and area news. Without the support of the local and area businesses that advertise in our paper, the Vermilion Voice would not exist today and it would not be able to fulfill its dream.

OP-ED: Proud Advertisers build community

We live in an era when with the simple push of a button we can purchase items, from the mundane to exotic, from anywhere in the world. They are anonymous transactions that offer a short-term intoxicating glow of perceived savings or quality. But do they?

OP-ED: Local Matters

The same day that the Winnipeg Free Press carried news of Franklin Roosevelt’s death, its advertising included a local store offering bologna for 21 cents a pound. As I look at that April 1945 edition, I often wonder which information readers found more valuable – the death of a world leader or a bargain at a local meat shop.

OP-ED: Is celebrity gossip your ‘local news’? Ottawa seems to think so.

BY BOB COX   Hockey news, fashion tips, TV and movie listings, retirement strategies, updates on Celine Dion—all of this information...

OP-ED: Journalism matters more than ever. We need help to save it

BY BOB COX, JERRY DIAS, AND EDWARD GREENSPON On Sept. 1, an agency of the Canadian government directed nearly $100-million...

OP-ED: Newspapers at the bottom, fighting an uphill battle

Bob Cox, chair of News Media Canada, highlights the importance of the proposed Canadian Journalism Fund in the below...

OP-ED: It’s time to save news

By Bob Cox, Chair of the Board, News Media Canada It’s time to save news. You may well ask: What on earth...