Newspapers 24/7: 2022

Industry Ad Campaign

Local news is all around us and powers our conversation in all types of settings from first dates, to main street meet-ups to the last video call of the day.  The local newspaper delivers reliable stories to spark that next great conversation.

Nine out of ten adults (86%) read newspapers, in either print or digital format, at least once a week—essentially unchanged from the inaugural study (85%), which was conducted in 2012.

Despite a multitude of media options and digital distractions, readers still turn to traditional news sources.

News Media Canada has produced this ad campaign for members to use to start a conversation with their own readers.  Click on the DOWNLOAD buttons below to access print, digital and social material. To create a custom size or add your own logo, download the source files.

Great Conversations Don't Start Themselves

Download print PDFs or source files (InDesign) for all sizes (colour/B&W).

Includes three different “scenes”/versions for 5″x5″ and 10″x3” sizes.  One version (with all three “scenes”) is available in 10″x7″ and 10″x15″ sizes.

Download digital material (.gif and Photoshop) for leaderboard and big box formats.  Link to

Download images sized for Facebook and Instagram.  Write your own post copy with #ChampionTheTruth and #Newspapers247.  Don’t forget to tag @NewsMediaCanada.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Levson, Director of Marketing and Research, at

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