National Newspaper Week 2018: There’s Still Time To Get In The Game

National Newspaper Week is well underway! Thank you to all the newspapers who are supporting this ground-breaking initiative! Help...

National Newspaper Week 2018: Idea Generator

There is less than a week before the start of National Newspaper Week (NNW) in Canada!  Thank you to...

Journalist Influencers

Engage your journalists and editors by encouraging them to share their passion for newspapers through their own social media channels.

The Gift of Local News

Share your newspaper with local, regional, provincial and national elected officials! Add them to your subscription list and include a personal note with your paper, highlighting the importance of newspapers.

Local Influencers: Target and Engage Your Supporters

Find local influencers or spokespeople and ask them to post a photo on their own social media channels, reading a copy of their favourite newspaper.

Spotlight the importance of journalism for National Newspaper Week

Rent a local theatre and host a reception / movie screening of the award-winning film Spotlight. On request, News Media Canada will provide a digital copy of the movie and cover the cost of licensing the film to a limited number of participating community newspapers.

Community Creations

Host a contest for the most creative use of newspapers. Check out the parade float the wildly creative staff at the Davidson (SK) Leader debuted at their local town parade last month.

Journalism Matters

Dedicate a special celebratory page in your newspaper to National Newspaper Week. Include some of your best editorial features over the years, historical archive highlights, and more!

Java with Journalists

Host a coffee break with your journalists and ask local residents to join you and your staff to “espresso” their opinions.

Take Your Readers Back to School

Connect with local schools in your community to see if there might be opportunities to work together on National Newspaper Week programming. A field trip to the newsroom, perhaps?