10th Annual COPA Awards Party and State of Digital Seminar

The Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) after 10 years has become the badge of honour in the Canadian publishing industry for excellence in online content. This year’s 10th Anniversary COPA Party will be more of a red carpet affair and will be held at the historic Eglinton Grand in Toronto. We hope to bring a […]

Google News webinar

This course teaches skills every journalist needs for reporting in the digital age. You will learn a broad range of practical tools that you can use immediately from better understanding how Search works, to leveraging Google Trends to discover keywords to guide your editorial strategy, to Google Alerts, Scholar, Data Explorer, Data Set Search and […]

Media Innovation Awards

In the past decade, media innovation has become not just important, but essential. Media professionals have been called upon to deliver smart, original ways of meaningfully connecting brands to consumers. The Media Innovation Awards recognize the great and growing role media plays in the marketing mix and individuals responsible for the selection, deployment, and implementation of […]

Webinar: Classified 2019: Your Biggest Challenges & Freshest Opportunities

Do you know why many newspapers are seeing their Classified revenues start to go UP instead of DOWN? It's because they are letting go of the old and letting in the new brilliant ideas and efficiencies that is making Classifieds a key revenue builder again. Both print and online managers, please join me in seeing […]

Webinar: Newsroom Safety & Security

Since the Capital Gazette shooting in June 2018, newsroom employees have wondered if they are safe in their workplace. We’ll go over personal safety tips and security information to ensure you’re informed. Presenter: Jean Hodges, GateHouse Media

50 MORE Ideas in 50 Minutes

This webinar will offer up creative ideas you can start working on in your newsroom immediately. This will be fast-paced, and will include references to the original stories as well as some great techniques to help you and can execute these stories in newsrooms of all sizes. Presenters: Tim Schmitt & Zack Kucharski GateHouse Media […]

Money Beyond Money

Finding new revenue streams, the real money beyond the “marketing budget”, in an industry undergoing rapid disruption can seem overwhelming. This insightful webinar will demystify the traditional sales process from selling print and digital to non-traditional in your local market. The presenter will provide tips and ready-for-market ideas that you can implement in your weekly […]


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