Webinar: Scoring big in times of economic uncertainty

This webinar, which will have a FOOTBALL THEME, will give you the "Xs & Os" on how to score BIG on the advertising field. At AdCellerant, the pandemic and the uncertainty of 2020 created a unique challenge for our print partners. We will open the playbook to our winning strategies that helped many partners not […]

Webinar: Syncing print with digital subscribers

Subscribers are looking for a seamless user experience across platforms. Many newspaper publishers are focused on increasing digital usage for print subscribers and vice versa. In this webinar, Matt Larson from Our Hometown will discuss some of the tools being used by newspaper publishers to increase digital usage for print subscribers and vice versa. He […]

Webinar: Trust in Truth

Consistent national polls show low trust in what we hear in our media, but the level of mistrust does not always carry over into local news organizations. This session explores what that can mean when maintaining trust in our local newspapers and how to explain that when monetizing our efforts. • A public hungry for […]


Webinar: Winning The Talent War

Have you ever struggled to recruit the right person for your team? And if you were able to find them, was it even more difficult to keep them? More than ever before, talent is in peak demand and companies are having to completely change the way they view human capital in order to stay competitive. […]


How To Have Your Best Sales Year Yet (webinar)

This one-of-a-kind session will help you review 2022 and plan for 2023! This will be all meat. No fat. You and your teams should be there. You’ll get 3 tips every 30 minutes on how to WIN, MORE, FASTER in SALES! Presenter: Daniel Grissom Register by December 5Click here for online registration Cost: $35; $45 after deadline (December 5)

Classifieds 2023: Top Five Revenue Opportunities (webinar)

Today’s classifieds struggle at almost every newspaper. And yet, there are papers from Florida to Montana with hundreds of ads in all categories. Let Janet DeGeorge share their TOP FIVE REVENUE secrets with you for a great revenue boost in 2023. Presenter: Janet DeGeorge, president of Classified Executive Training & Consulting Register by January 16Click here for online registration


Stop Running Scared. Digital is Not the Death of Print (webinar)

This webinar will be like a comforting hot chocolate and a warm blanket for print sales managers who shiver at the thought of digital stealing revenue from their print budgets. Many of our partners are proving that these fears, with proper selling techniques and sales positioning, are unfounded. Take it from a former AdCellerant partner (and […]

Reader Engagement: How To Grow Your Audience (webinar)

This presentation will focus on how newsrooms can connect with the community to improve visibility, drive subscriptions, build trust, get feedback and find new areas of coverage. You’ll walk away with ideas that can be used by newsrooms of any size. Presenter: Chris Coates, executive director of The Times-Dispatch Register by February 20Click here for online registration Cost: […]

How to Run an Effective Sales Call Every Time (webinar)

In this session, you’ll learn the best practices on how to better plan, do and review your sales calls to improve your win rates. Learn how to advance every call every time. Learn how to ask 3 powerful questions on every call every time. Learn how to set and send agendas for every call every […]

Business News as an Everyday Beat (webinar)

Business news has gained greater prominence since the onset of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy and employment. The effects of the pandemic necessarily resulted in a range of stories focusing on our worksites – the places we earn a paycheck as employees and purchase products and services as consumers. Business news certainly deserves […]


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