Local Journalism Initiative
In some parts of Canada, residents do not have access to journalistic information about community issues and institutions through local newspapers, community radio, television or other news media. These gaps in coverage mean that citizens do not have necessary information about news, issues and events that affect them and their day-to-day lives.
The Local Journalism Initiative aims to change that.


Below are some resources for news organizations:

Department of Canadian Heritage: Local Journalism Initiative – Government of Canada website for the LJI, listing the seven not-for-profit organizations tasked with administering the initiative, with eligibility criteria and a glossary of terms.

The Canadian Press Style Guides – Writing and editing guides following the standards set out by The Canadian Press (CP). Includes The Canadian Press Stylebook, Caps and Spelling and Guide de rédaction. Print and online versions available.

The Local News Map – Part of the Local News Research Project, the Local News Map tracks what is happening to community newspapers, broadcast outlets and online news sites across the country. Toronto Metropolitan University professor April Lindgren is the principal investigator for the Local News Research Project. To learn more about the map, click here.


About civic journalism:

Watchdog Culture: Why You Need it, How You Can Build it – Poynter, May 26, 2005

Covering Indigenous Peoples and Communities: A Guide for Newsrooms – Metroland Media, 2023

The Roadmap for Local News: An Emergent Approach to Meeting Civic Information Needs – Nieman Lab, 2023

UNHCR Journalism Guide: A helpful guide for reporting on refugees, asylum and forced displacement – UN Refugee Agency – Canada


Program information:

Editor’s Guide to the Local Journalism Initiative – News Media Canada


Policy templates:



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