Postmedia launches

Postmedia Network Inc. has launched In the quickly evolving world of cannabis, provides a comprehensive source of current and credible information for industry professionals, investors and consumers.

It’s rare to witness the birth of an entirely new industry and Postmedia is at the forefront with information and opportunities. A growing number of investors are looking to get into this new space. Others are interested in starting cannabis-related businesses, and some are simply interested in the broader cannabis story. The GrowthOp is a premier destination to inform, educate, and connect readers to this new economy.

“Postmedia is proud to be at the forefront of this transformational issue in our country and to offer Canadians comprehensive information, from every angle,” said Gerry Nott, Postmedia’s Senior Vice President of Content. “Investors, consumers, businesses and marketers are looking to make informed decisions in an entirely new industry landscape and The GrowthOp is the place to go for trusted information on cannabis.”

The GrowthOp follows the news, trends and innovations within the cannabis industry both for medical and, when legalized, recreational use. The goal of the site is to keep audiences informed and educated while working to normalize cannabis information from its long-time taboo and counter-culture status to its newly legitimized role in our communities.

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