About the Study

ComBase measures newspapers of all types in more than 400 Canadian markets and offers unparalleled opportunities to analyze media behaviour in cities, towns and villages that have been a mystery to media and advertising planners for years.

ComBase is an initiative of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association and its nearly 700 members Canada-wide. It is the principal readership research conducted on behalf of the community newspaper industry in Canada. The purpose of the research is to provide consistent market-by-market, title specific information to assist in the buying and selling of community newspaper advertising space.

Following the model well-established for Canadian media studies, it will be governed by an independent organization through a Board of Directors consisting of equal representation from publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers.

Pilot Study

Initially ComBase went into the field with a five-market Pilot Study in mid-September 2001. The results of the pilot study are already available and will remain active until Spring 2004.  Various Powerpoint presentations using Pilot Study data can be found in the Facts section of the website.

National Study

The ComBase sample size will be in excess of 26,000 and have participating papers in all of CanadaÔÇÖs provinces.  It is one of the largest media studies in the world, measuring over 400 markets, including:  suburbs; 29 CMAs and CAs, 800 publications including: ethnic press, alternative press, auto traders and employment papers, shoppers, farm publications, dailies, entertainment publications, free publications and over 2,000 radio stations.

National Study data will be available to media planners and buyers in the Fall of 2003.  For more details on ComBase please click on the links below: