eSOM technical difficulties arise

Some Canadian Community Newspapers Association members may be having problems downloading and/or using the newest version of Canada Post’s Electronic Statement of Mailing (eSOM).

eSOM is order-entry software available from Canada Post that allows newspapers to process mailings electronically. CCNA members logging onto the eSOM section of Canada Post’s web site at have found that unless they are using Internet Explorer, they cannot use the site. It is unknown whether or not the site will work with Netscape 6.0.

Even though there are two versions of the eSOm available, an online version and a Desktop version, users must log in to the Canada Post web site to download the Desktop version – something Netscape users may have trouble accomplishing.

Canada Post’s solution so far seems to involve recommending that those using Netscape as their browser change to Internet Explorer. A further solution is being sought. Those having problems with Netscape can download the newest version of Explorer (version 6) for Windows at and for Macintosh (version 5.1) at .