CUPW submits proposal to Canada Post

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has submitted a proposal to Canada Post in hopes of putting an end to a potential work stoppage.

On June 27, put out a bulletin that the union presented the proposal to Canada Post with the hope that it would ÔÇÿform the basis of discussions that will lead to a negotiated collective agreement in the days to come.ÔÇØ CUPW represents 48,000 members including full-time, part-time, temporary and casual postal workers. 

Both Canada Post and CUPW have been in a position to start a work stoppage since June 17 after both parties had been in negotiations for a new collective agreement since the beginning of this year.

When contacted by CCNA this week a representative of CUPWÔÇÖs Communications Department said they had yet to hear anything from Canada Post on the offer and discussions were still on going.

To read a PDF copy of the negotiations bulletin outlining the terms of the proposal, click here.