CCNA to discuss Admail changes with CPC

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) has announced a number of changes to Unaddressed Admail that will take effect on January 12. While the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) has not received a detailed book on the changes, we have identified a number of concerns about how it will impact our members, particularly when it comes to inserts.

As CCNA members know, CCNA has had a very productive dialogue with CPC in the area of Publications Mail, which has led to our industry not being impacted by recent changes.

CCNA staff members have been speaking with CPC representatives to express disappointment that they did not enter into the same type of dialogue with us surrounding Admail. As a result, CCNA officials will be meeting with CPC officials early in 2004 to sort out our concerns. This will allow us an opportunity to actually see the changes they are proposing.

CPC maintains that the changes concerning inserts are not directed at CCNA members, but at other mailers who use the service to send catalogues and annual reports. They have, however, agreed to look at the definitions with us.

The bottom line is that while CCNA would have hoped that CPC would have talked about this before making changes, they have agreed to work with us. As we sort this out, there should be no changes for our members surrounding Admail. If you hear of any situations where members are impacted, please let CCNA staff know.