CPC changes Unaddressed Admail insert guidelines

As a result of the lobbying efforts of the Canadian Community Newspapers Associations (CCNA), Canada Post Corporation (Canada Post) has changed its recently announced policy on inserts in Unaddressed Admail.  The announcement follows discussions Canada Post had with the CCNA Distribution Committee.

ÔÇ£We see this as a positive,ÔÇØ said CCNA Distribution Committee Chairman Fred Heidman, who called the change an example of the cooperative attitude that has been created between CCNA and Canada Post. ÔÇ£It has been an open dialogue.ÔÇØ

The new policy recognizes that many community newspapers do not face a problem with inserts becoming separated during normal mailing. The policy was originally to be applied to all Canada Post customers. Now action is only required if inserts are found to likely become separated during mailing.  (New Canada Post guidelines are explained below.)

CCNA will continue to monitor the situation due to potential concerns over the application of the new guidelines. If CCNA members have any questions about inserts in Unddressed Admail, please contact us (Phone: 1-877-305-2262, E-mail: info@ccna.ca).

CCNA is also in negotiations with Canada Post over the 250-threshold for mailings in the Publications Mail program. Heidman said talks between the two sides will remain ongoing on all issues that are of concern to CCNA members.

Clarification of the Unaddressed Admail Customer Guide

Section 4.4 Preparing Inserts

An insert placed in a newspaper, magazine or catalogue must be firmly attached or folded into the Unaddressed Admail item in order to become an integral part of the mailing piece and not become separated during normal handling of the mail.

o To test whether an enclosure will separate from an Unaddressed Admail item, using the thumb and index finger of the same hand, pinch along the middle of the spine (or fold) and shake the item horizontally.

o If the inserts separate during this test, one of the options below must be applied in the preparation of your mailing piece:

  • Enclose the mailing piece, including inserts, within a paper wrapper or envelope.
  • Enclose the mailing piece, including inserts, within a plastic wrapper or envelope (also referred to as a polybag).
  • Affix stickers, tape or tabs to the top and bottom open edges of a folded mailing piece or on the open edge opposite the fold or all the open edges.
  • Enclose the inserts into a newspaper by enclosing all inserts within one insert or wrapper to create one spine and then placing the insert package within one quadrant of the newspaper ensuring the spine of the inserts is facing the outside edge of the newspaper.
  • Place the inserts within the pages of the mailing piece and then fold the mailing piece to form a common fold.
  • If there are two sections to the mailing piece, place the insert between the two sections and then fold the mailing piece to form a common fold.