Verified Circulation introduces new policies

Verified Circulation (VC) members should be aware of four new program policies being introduced today. Notices are being faxed to all members, and the information is also available on the VC web site at These changes will directly affect circulation figures for some members, and they are important in presenting the industry with accurate and credible circulation data. These changes are:

A new policy for occasional larger or smaller market distribution has been formalized. Some community newspapers occasionally publish issues with a larger or smaller circulation than normal either for promotional purposes or due to circumstances beyond their control. With the new policy, a member will be required to submit the circulation figures for such issues separately on a new form, Z.1 ÔÇô Single Issue Circulation Report for Extraordinary Distribution. Once this information is verified, the VC report will include separate mention of these issues including when they were published, how many copies, and the distribution area.

Community newspaper publishers may also now include numbers of copies that are distributed electronically (in PDF format) both paid and controlledÔÇöin their circulation reports. Supporting documentation required includes list of subscribers, contact information and e-mail addresses. The publisher must be able to provide proof of payment for paid subscriptions, or a hard copy of the written or e-mail request for controlled subscriptions.

The board of directors has also approved two new policies for all members governing the use of VC materials for publicity purposes and penalties for membership violations. Members should review these policies carefully to ensure that they and their promotional materials are in compliance with the rules.
In keeping with VC’s move to implement 12-month audits, a five-per-cent increase will be applied to Verified Circulation annual member fees, while VC Auditor fees will increase by 25 per cent. These increases will be effective January 1, 2007. The Auditor fee increase is the first in a two-phase plan, with a second 25-per-cent increase to be implemented on January 1, 2009.

In addition to the above, planning is underway for an upgrade to the Verified Circulation program manual, forms and the development of the Verified Circulation web site to facilitate an easier reporting process. VC is committed to providing its members with an efficient, accurate and credible service. Members are welcome to submit suggestions for improvement to