No changes to Publications Assistance Program

According to the federal government there will be no major changes to the Publications Assistance Program or to the funding levels in the near future.

Many members have contacted the CCNA office with questions about changes to Publications Assistance Program (PAP) funding announced by Canada Post. Canada Post recently announced that as of April 1, 2009, it would no longer contribute to the program. Traditionally, Canada Post has contributed $15 million of the $60 million budget of the PAP. Members will recall that two years ago Canada Post made the same announcement and the government instructed them to continue to fund the program for two years, during which time the government announced it would redesign the PAP.

This year, the government has not indicated whether they will instruct Canada Post to continue funding the program, but it is clear they are not ready to announce a new PAP.  The federal government has given assurances that there are no changes to the existing program or funding levels. It is the position of the association that the withdrawal of Canada Post funding is an internal accounting issue for the government. If Canada Post reduces its contribution to the PAP by $15 million that amount will go the government as an increased dividend. The association believes that the government should apply the dividend to the PAP.  If members have any further questions of require additional information please contact John Hinds, CEO of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association, at or (416) 923-3567, ext. 244.