2009 Hon. Edward Goff Penny Awards


The Edward Goff Penny Memorial Prizes for Young Canadian Journalists were established in 1991 at the bequest of the estate of the late Arthur G. Penny, grandson of Edward Goff Penny. The first awards were presented in 1992.

Arthur G. Penny, a former newspaper editor in the early 1920s with the old Quebec Chronicle and later a Quebec civil servant, died in 1963. In his last will and testament, he left provisions that, upon the death of his wife and son, two prizes for young journalists should be established in memory of his grandfather, Edward Goff Penny.

The Hon. Edward Goff Penny rose from the position of reporter at the Montreal Herald in the late 1800s to editor and publisher. He was the first president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa and in 1874 became the first newspaper reporter to be appointed to the Senate.

The winners are in keeping with the terms of the bequest – between the ages 20 and 25 and from each of two circulation categories: under 25,000 and over 25,000. Prize money is $1,500 for each category.

Entries are judged by four senior editors chosen by the Editorial Division Committee. Each judge is asked to rate the candidates on the basis of 100 points – 25 each for: Purity of language and excellence of style Interest of subject Forcefulness or persuasiveness of presentation Depth or originality of thought. Those scores are then tallied in Toronto to determine the winner.

2009 Entry Deadline
January 22, 2010, for works created in 2009. Eligible to compete are staff or freelance journalists between the ages 20-25. There is no entry fee. Entrants are asked to submit four examples of their work which have appeared in CNA-member newspapers.