iPad and Tablets: What we know so far


The International Newsmedia Marketing Association held a tablet conference focusing on its uses/impact on newspapers and magazines in Oxford (England) in May. Presented is a brief summary of ideas delivered.

What business are we now in: Old = media company. New = Information machine. We deliver “news” on any device. As Juan Giner of Innovation Media Consulting (UK) states, “it’s the wine, not the bottle.

iPad early learning: Lean back device (i.e. entertainment), consume (not produce), online and offline

iPad where used: More at home than office, travelling, couch, bed, toilet (really!)

iPad used for: Consume media (read, watch, listen, play, etc.), mail, web surfing and cooking.

How is tablet news different: News you can read, watch and touch – infographics, slide shows, unique videos, caricatures, art

How is mobile different: Local, personal, custom-made

Different content for different platforms: Newspaper = long narrative; Tablet = depth & experience; Mobile = instant breaking news; Internet = breaking news, browsing, archives, hyper linking

What will people pay for: An experience, exclusive information (e.g. informed/analytical comment, local reporting), packaging (e.g. editing) and passions  

Models for charging for content: Metered (i.e. some free then charge), membership, freemium (i.e. some content is free, other content is paid). One presenter suggested that the premium offerings could be paper and tablet with the mass media being online and mobile (free?).

Ads on tablet: Interactive should be possible and it is suggested that the ad be related to the content surrounding it.

What does this mean? Focus on those who will pay. Consider less of a breaking news model and more a print news magazine with journanalysts (Correio, i and Liberation posed as examples) with unique and appropriate formats for online, tablets and mobile.