Update on Canada Post-Postal Workers Union negotiations

The ongoing labour talks between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers remain at an impasse. Issues of compensation and pensions are the key issues presently impeding progress towards a new collective agreement.

This is an issue that Newspapers Canada is following very closely.

At this moment, the union’s strike mandate is set to expire on August 25, 2016. This means that, according to the Canadian Labour Code, the postal union will have to decide among three different courses of action.

First, both sides could agree to extend the current 60-day strike mandate. If this proposal is rejected by Canada Post, the union could issue a 72-hour strike notice. Finally, if neither of these actions are taken by August 25, then the union’s strike vote would no longer be valid and a new strike vote for its 50,000 members would have to be organized.

For its part, Canada Post officials say they are committed to reaching an agreement that will allow the Crown Corporation to continue its services, while also maintaining fees that are affordable for its customers.

This uncertainty is less than optimal for the many publications across the country. It appears, however, that for the time being, both sides have stated their commitment to remain at the negotiating table, with mail services to continue uninterrupted.

Newspaper Canada continues to monitor the negotiations and will keep you updated of further developments.

Update: Aug 16: The Canadian Press is reporting that an arbitrator has accepted Canada Post’s proposal for a new collective agreement with its postmasters and assistants in rural offices across the country, who are represented by the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA). The negotiations between Canada Post and CUPW remain ongoing.

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