Can you SPOT fake news?

Earlier this year, the federal government announced plans to help boost citizen literacy on fake news. A key pillar in that plan was to provide funding to strengthen digital, news, and civic literacy programming.

News Media Canada is happy to inform you that we have received support for its SPOT Fake News Online program, which will be delivered and supported in all regions, by advertising in local newspapers.

This easy-to-understand program will encourage Canadians of all ages to critically assess online reporting and digital media and avoid being susceptible to manipulation online by using the four simple, yet effective steps promoted in the SPOT Fake News Online program.

What does SPOT stand for?

S – Is this a credible Source?

P – Is the Perspective biased?

O – Are Other sources reporting the same story?

T – Is the story Timely?

We will be looking for participation from local member newspapers in all regions across Canada, to leverage their print and digital newspaper platforms to drive traffic to the SPOT Fake News Online microsite and animated video.  This will build on the existing awareness of the digital “fake news” problem and provide Canadians with a simple, yet effective tool that will allow them to: critically assess online reporting and digital media; and avoid being susceptible to manipulation online.

This campaign will also run a parallel version in French.