Learn how to SPOT Fake News Online

News Media Canada will be launching a unique media literacy program on September 16, designed to teach Canadians of all ages how to critically assess online news and information. Misinformation is a complex problem, but the solution is simple.

The SPOT Fake News Online program will communicate four simple steps that anyone can use by asking the following questions about online news:

S – Is this a credible Source?

P – Is the Perspective biased?

O – Are Other sources reporting the same story?

T – Is the story Timely?

A new microsite (www.spotfakenews.ca and www.vraioufauxenligne.ca) will be live in mid-September and feature an animated video to help teach these simple steps along with other media literacy resources.

Newspapers across Canada will be promoting this program over the coming months with weekly small space ads following the launch during the week of September 16.