National Newspaper Week 2019: Local leaders in Halton weigh in on why community newspapers are so important

In celebration of this year’s National Newspaper Week, Metroland papers celebrated the occasion by sharing comments from community leaders about the many ways that newspapers are important to their communities.

Drew Redden, the president and CEO of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, presented a compelling commentary, below, that we wanted to share.

“Community newspapers are important because what happens in our community is important. Without our local newspaper, stories highlighting what matters most here in Oakville can get lost in the 24/7 global news cycle.

Whether we are celebrating the hard work of an entrepreneur that is opening a local business or the success of a sports team that has trained all year long – our community newspapers are the vehicle that ensures the accomplishments of our neighbours are recognized.

There is a sense of pride in those who call Oakville home, and that pride is enhanced when our neighbours succeed on the local, regional, national and world stage. Community newspapers educate our residents and encourage community engagement. Each week our community newspaper tells the stories that matter most to our community and remind residents of what a special place this is that we call home.

A more engaged community is a better community, and we cannot overlook the role that our local newspaper plays in engaging, educating and supporting our community.”