How You Can Help Spot Fake News

An investigation by BuzzFeed News adds a new layer to the breath and depth of global misinformation.

The investigation found that a network of fake local news sites in various cities, including Edmonton, have generated millions of page views as part of an ad fraud scheme.

Fake news and disinformation are serious concerns for Canadians. But News Media Canada has been working on a way to combat fake news.

Over the past two months, our SPOT fake news campaign has been running in newspapers across the country to help educate readers about the hallmarks of trusted content.

We’ve asked readers to consider four critical questions to help SPOT and stop the spread of fake news online. These questions are:

  1. Is this a credible SOURCE?
  2. Is the PERSPECTIVE  biased?
  3. Are OTHER sources reporting the same story?
  4. Is the story TIMELY?

Visit for more information and learn the steps.