Can you catch COVID-19 from handling newspapers?

First, there are no known cases of the coronavirus being transmitted to someone via a paper or package arriving at their house. You would be much more likely to get it from a delivery person if you came into face-to-face contact with someone who was sick, as unlikely as that might be.

Second, many news organizations have implemented measures to ensure carriers observe all precautions, including self-isolation if they have travelled, and do not deliver if they are at risk.

Third, newspapers do not come in contact with humans until they are handed to carriers. The newsprint goes on presses, finished papers go on conveyors to bundling stations, where bundles of papers are wrapped. These bundles are handed to carriers by shippers wearing gloves.

Fourth, like in so many other situations, if you handle something and touch a surface, wash your hands afterwards. The same goes for newspapers. Washing hands after reading it is a good idea.