Saltwire dives deep with new campaign

In an effort to bring its journalists from across their network together, the SaltWire has rolled out a series of solutions journalism articles to examine topics of great importance to Atlantic Canadians.

Deep Dives brought journalists from different newsrooms into collaborative storytelling. To identify topics relevant to the region, journalists were invited to submit their suggestions and vote on the top nine issues shaping Atlantic Canada in 2019.

In total, 38 topics suggestions were suggested. From there, senior editorial staff developed story angles that would be explored over the subsequent 10 months.

In executing this campaign, Saltwire says they wanted to remind their readers why local journalism is important and to show prospective readers Saltwire’s commitment to doing highly relevant and beautifully designed news.

INMA recently featured the Saltwire campaign with a post on its website. You can read more about the program here.