Toronto Star launches Season 2 of popular true crime podcast

After being ranked the #1 podcast in Canada in 2022 for many weeks, the Toronto Star’s true crime podcast series returns for a second season with an in-depth look at the high-profile murders of billionaires Honey and Barry Sherman.

Hosted by the Star’s award-winning chief investigative reporter Kevin Donovan, the podcast series, Suspicion, Season 2, will feature eight original episodes with friends and family who knew the Shermans best and reveals the inside story of the hunt for the killers.

The second season of the Star’s popular podcast series follows in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed first season, Death in a Small Town, also hosted by Kevin Donovan, which looked into the shocking story of what started as just another day for a small-town family and ended with their son clinging to life in hospital and a cloud of suspicions handing over his mother and father.

The new seasons, Suspicion | The Billionaire Murders: The hunt for the killers of Honey and Barry Sherman, probes the strange case of the famous Toronto couple who were found strangled in their north Toronto home in 2017. Barry Sherman was the multi-billionaire founder of Canadian pharmaceutical company Apotex and a well-known philanthropist.

Donovan has covered the Sherman case from day one. On top of reporting on the murders for the Star, he has also written a highly praised book about the case, The Billionaire Murders. He has worked for the Star for more than three decades. He has won three National Newspaper Awards, two Michener Awards and three Canadian Association of Journalists Awards for his reporting.

“Other journalists have covered the Sherman case, but Kevin has lived it for the last five years,” says Anne Marie Owens, the Star’s editor-in-chief. “Besides his reporting, he has also fought court battles to get access to documents on the police investigation and the Sherman estate. We are excited about this second season of our true crime podcast series, which builds on our growing strength in the podcast field.”

A sneak peak at the series is available now at

Episode 1 will be available on Friday, February 10, wherever you listen to podcasts and at Toronto Star subscribers will also get exclusive early access to behind-the-scenes bonus episodes.