Newspaper Media Drive Vehicle Sales 2014

In 2014, Newspapers Canada released this research demonstrating the power of automotive advertising in newspapers in print and online. The following tools are available to assist you:

  • PowerPoint: This ad_NewspaperMediaDriveVehicleSalesprovides all the data from the research. It is designed so that users can pull the slides that they need to create their own shorter version.



  • NEW! Newspaper Media Drive Vehicle Sales (Fact Sheet)Newspaper_Media_Drive_Vehicle_Sales_2015_Page_1This two-page summary shows that printed and digital newspapers are the strongest media at all stages of the buying process among Canadians who purchased a new vehicle in the past two years.




  • 1-page PDF summary: (copy) This one-page Newspaper-Ads-Drive-Vehicle-Sales-1-page-written-summarywritten summary provides a quick overview of the impressive influence of newspaper media in the automotive category. The easy-to-read one page summary contains powerful information that can change where ads are placed.



  • 2-page PDF summary: (charts) This Graphic_FactSheet_Newspaper-Media-Drive-Vehicle-Sales-Overview-2015_Page_1 (Custom)two-page summary provides a quick overview of the key research findings and includes a variety of charts on the data. This PDF can be printed, emailed or key facts can be gleaned from it for use.




  • Vehicle case study: This Graphic_CaseStudy_Vehicle_RGB1-page PDF proves that newspaper media work by sharing an actual advertiser’s success story.


  • Infographic: Newspapers Drive Vehicle Sales This Graphic_Newspaper-Ads-Drive-Vehicle-Sales_Infographic (Mobile)infographic is designed as a brief overview of the research for media planners, auto advertisers and dealers. In one page, it visually highlights the power of newspapers (both print and online) in the automotive purchase process.







More resources on the power of automotive advertising in newspapers can be found here.

If you have questions about the research, contact Kelly Levson, Director of Marketing and Research, at or 416-923-3567 ext. 3401.