Support Family Literacy Day on January 27

On January 27, Family Literacy Day will celebrate its tenth year of helping families learn together. The national initiative, which was founded by ABC Canada, encourages families to develop literacy and numeracy skills, including reading, writing and math.

“Family Literacy Day is one of many days when families can take the time to explore, share ideas and encourage each otherÔÇÖs hobbies and interests,” said Margaret Eaton, president of ABC Canada.

ABC Canada says that 42 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 16 and 65 face literacy challenges, although the topic is not raised often enough among families who can make a difference in their own homes. To help celebrate Family Literacy Day, ABC Canada offered these 10 tips for activities your family can organize at home:

10. Create a family book club. Read and discuss the books together.
9. Make a particular night board game night. Maybe invite another family for a challenge.
8. Have your kids create the map for your next road trip then they can navigate by reading signs and billboards. Create a trip journal.
7. Read news articles and magazines and then discuss current affairs together.
6. Volunteer as a family to read at a childrenÔÇÖs hospital or at a seniorÔÇÖs centre.
5. Surf the Internet together to find great sites that support your hobbies.
4. Read a classic adventure together. If your children like Survivor, they will love Treasure Island.
3. Research and write your familyÔÇÖs history. Use the Internet, family letters and documents as resources, and interview your relatives.
2. Sing favourite songs. Find out more about the songwriter or singer on the Internet. Make up your own songs.
1. Write your own adventure. Write a short story as a family with alternative endings written by each family member.

Magazines and newspapers from across the country will help promote the message through advertisements in their publications, which can be downloaded from the CCNA website at For more information on Family Literacy Day, please visit