Newspaper readership at 75% says latest NADbank release

New data for the top six Canadian markets confirms that over 75% of adults read a daily newspaper each week.

NADbank Inc. (Newspaper Audience Databank) announced the release of the 2007/08 NADbank Readership Study for selected markets on September 17, 2008. This release includes readership data from the Fall of 2007 and the Spring of 2008 for Toronto, Ottawa-Gatineau, Montréal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. This is the first time the Calgary CMA and Edmonton CMA readership reports include results for Metro and 24 hours.

This release confirms that daily newspapers continue to be a vital source of news, information
and entertainment for consumers in six of Canada’s largest and most competitive markets. The
readership of daily newspapers (printed edition) remains stable in all six markets.

In Toronto 76% of adults 18+ read either a printed or online edition of a daily newspaper; 77%
in Montréal, 78% in Vancouver, 82% in Ottawa-Gatineau, 79% in Calgary, and 77% in
Edmonton. Readership online continues to grow with the highest weekly reach in Ottawa-
Gatineau (24%), Toronto (22%) and Calgary (18%).

Today’s release provides members with access to new readership results for 28 Canadian daily
newspapers. The full Study, NADbank 2007, provides readership for 85 Canadian daily
newspapers and 2 Detroit dailies in 54 urban markets across Canada. Also available is readership
data for 57 community newspapers in 33 markets and product/retail/lifestyle information in 19