77% of Canadians reading newspapers

The release of the latest readership data for Canada's six major markets is good news for newspapers – readership of both online and printed editions remains strong.

New data released by NADbank (Newspaper Audience Databank) shows a 10% increase in weekly online readership contributed to an increase in total weekly readership. The results confirm that daily newspapers continue to be a vital source of news, information and entertainment for consumers in six of Canada’s largest and most competitive markets. The readership of daily newspapers (printed edition) remains stable in all six markets.

In Toronto 75% of adults 18+ read either a printed or online edition of a daily newspaper; 77% in Montréal, 78% in Vancouver, 80% in Ottawa-Gatineau, 79% in Calgary, and 79% in Edmonton. Readership online continues to grow with the highest weekly reach in Ottawa-Gatineau (28%), Toronto (25%) and Calgary (22%).