Policy re: Electronic editions (all publications)

  • An electronic edition may be included in a publisher’s circulation statement provided it is an exact digital reproduction of the print edition in a portable document format (PDF).

    • The publisher shall provide the Canadian Media Circulation Audit management and auditor access to the electronic edition for the purpose of verifying eligibility.
    • In the case of controlled electronic circulation, a subscription may only be counted if it is as a result of a personal or company request.
    • A subscription to both the print and electronic editions shall be counted as one subscription.
    • The publisher shall provide to the auditor the following as supporting documentation for the purpose of verification: a list of subscribers, their contact information and e-mail addresses. For paid electronic circulation, proof of payment must also be provided. For controlled electronic circulation, a hard copy of the written or e-mailed request must also be provided. Request or verification of a request must come from the e-mail holder.
    • Renewal or cancellation of electronic subscriptions must be verified on an annual basis.
    • Electronic subscriptions will be listed in a separate column in the Canadian Media Circulation Audit report, but included in the total circulation.
    • Electronic copies sent to employees, correspondents, columnists, editors, reporters, agents, advertisers and/or advertising agencies advertisers with paid subscriptions shall be claimed as Other Paid. Service and sample copies, Prospect copies, Welcome Wagon copies, Office copies, File copies, Complimentary copies, and others who are not considered typical readers shall be claimed as Service and Sample copies.


    Approved by the board of directors on February 24, 2009.