NNA 2009 Rule and Category Changes

The National Newspaper Awards Board of Governors met recently to go over changes to the rules and categories for the 2009 competition. The following changes have been made:

Entry Rules – Rule Number Four (definition of a story)

The current rule #4 states: A story may comprise a main story and one closely-related sidebar.
The new rule #4 states: A story may comprise a main story and closely-related sidebars published on the same day.

The change is designed to accommodate the practice of newspapers breaking up a story into smaller parts for format or presentation reasons.

Multi-media Feature

Entrants may now submit TWO online Multi-Media Features. (Special Project submissions will remain at one entry per news organization.)

Editorial Cartooning

Editorial cartoonists now must submit a body of work of five editorial cartoons. The previous requirement was for a single cartoon or a body of work of up to three cartoons. Submissions will be made online for the second year. This is the third year for entering and judging the four photography categories online.

Website content

There are still some sections to be updated and created, such as the history section and archives. Downloadable PDFs of the 2009 entry rules, categories and entry ballots are now online.

In the months ahead, text and photo entries will be posted from as far back as 1949.

Deadline for Entries
Monday, January 11, 2010