Case Studies That Prove Newspapers Work

Here is a roundup of some of the more recent case studies undertaken by CNA/CCNA proving that newspapers work!

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CASE STUDY: Local Retail

The Canadian Newspaper Association, in partnership with the Canadian Community Newspapers Association, provides the latest in a series of case studies. This success story features a local retailer than used newspaper advertising to drive new potential customers into its store.

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CASE STUDY: Newspapers and Their Online Sites
The Canadian Newspaper Association partnered with Gay Lea Spreadables Butter to undertake a test of advertising effectiveness. Advertising occurred in newspapers and their online sites across the country and the results for Gay Lea were very strong! In one region in particular, the advertising delivered the highest sales volume ever for the brand!

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CASE STUDY: Power of Combined Buys
Corona successfully ran ads in newspapers and their online sites at the beginning of the summer to peak interest for the beer leading up to their key season. Their experience demonstrates the power of the combined buy.

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CASE STUDY: Crime Stoppers Uses Newspapers To Target Locally
In a continuing series, the Canadian Newspaper Association, in partnership with Canadian Community Newspapers Association, presents a new case study. This success story is provided to you to share with current clients and potential advertisers. In each case, the effectiveness of newspapers is demonstrated. In this situation, Crime Stopper's use of newspapers, in conjunction with outdoor, to reach the local market is featured. A downloadable PDF with all the details is available for your use.

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