ComBase launches 2008-2009 study results

Readership remains strong with 74% of adults reading their community newspaper

TORONTO, January 11, 2010 – The Canadian Community Newspaper Database Corporation (ComBase) today announced the results of its 2008-2009 study, with readership data for 218 markets across Canada.

Overall, community newspaper readership remains strong, with 74% of Canadians reading their community newspaper. Readership is particularly strong among desirable target groups:

• 76% of women
• 78% of baby boomers
• 77% of adults with children
• 74% of university-educated adults
• 76% of homeowners
• 78% of affluent Canadians (i.e., household income >$75K)

Source: ComBase 2008-2009. Base: Adults 18+, Canada. Read any of the last four issues.

Two hundred thirty-five newspapers participated in ComBase 2008-2009, which includes media consumption data for community newspapers, daily newspapers, ethnocultural and other newspapers, radio, television and Internet.

Results for individual markets have been distributed to participating newspapers. ComBase is in the process of releasing the complete database to media planners who use information systems software. National and regional highlights, as well as a list of markets and media, are available on the ComBase website at Data requests may also be submitted via email to

About ComBase

ComBase is the Canadian Community Newspaper Database Corporation, a tripartite industry organization that conducts the principal readership research on behalf of the community newspaper industry in Canada. Operating since 2002, ComBase’s mandate is to provide title- and market-specific data for community newspapers at the market and sub-market level. Visit the ComBase website at

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